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Fly The Copter

Fly The Copter
Fly The Copter Description
Fly the coper for as long as you can without crashing.
How To Play
Click the mouse button to raise the copter and leave go to let it drop.
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Introduction to Fly The Copter Game

Fly The Copter game is a flash game for one player where you fly a helicopter through a maze of obstacles. This version is the most popular of helicopter game, being very easy to operate and required almost no skills at all.
Copter game graphics are very simple, one might say primitive. It's not a fancy game, but rest assured that it is very enjoyable and people became addicted to this game playing it over and over for hours. Moreover, it requires not installation, you can play it in your browser (internet explorer, firefox, safari) and there is even a Word version.

Fly The Copter game is played using just one button, the left button of your mouse.
You can only navigate your copter up and down, it is a 2 dimensional game.
To get the copter up you need to hold the mouse button, to get the copter down you have to release the button.
By default the copter will just fall and crash if you don't touch anything, so basically during the game you have the press and release the button the way that fits the runway.

The goal of the game is to get the copter through the runway as far as you can without touching anything.
You cannot touch the upper wall or the ground or you'll be crashed, and there are also obstacles along the way that you must avoid.
Fly The Copter game is tough, there are no lifes, no second changes, the second your helicopter touches anything it will crash and you will have to start the game all over, with zero score.

Copter game, as simple as it may look, is really a challange for all players of all ages around the world. Even young players, which are playing sophisticated games with amazing 3D graphics seems to enjoy playing the helicpter game. In this case, simple is better and the learning curve is very very fast, in just 5-10 minutes you can control the copter pretty good, and yet you don't really utilize the helicopter game to it's fullest even after months of playing it.


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